Monroe County, Wisconsin is a place of memorable impressions, unusual contrasts, captivating experiences and new discoveries!

Explore the beauty of Monroe County on a biking, hiking, tubing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, skiing, sledding, ski, snow shoeing or driving adventure. Discover our beautiful walkways, biking and hiking trails, rivers, streams and lakes.

Discover our growth in Economical Development and see why businesses and people choose to live and work in Monroe County, Wisconsin. The people in our communites work hard for a living and enjoy the quality of life that our area provides for a good family, "country style" of life here in Monroe County, WI.

From horse and buggy to the space age the people of Monroe County boast of a proud heritage of railroads to bike trails, Amish Communities, Shops, Stores, friendly folk with great stories and more.

In Monroe County it's not only the beauty that the county has in store for you during your visit, but it's the people that make the place.

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